eCureMe Features

eCureMe's features provide visitors with a full range of health information and services. Below are just a few of the site's hallmark components. Selecting a feature that appeals most to your brand's target audience can help eCureMe place your ads on pages where they'll make the most impact.

Medical Encyclopedia
eCureMe's encyclopedic database of medical conditions, terms and treatments covers the spectrum - from abscess to Zenker's Diverticulum - with over 2,000 entries. Additional databases cover specialty topics - drug information, women's health, pediatrics, mental health and neurology just to name a few - add thousands of additional entries, and allow users to go straight for the data they need. Advertising space is available on all encyclopedia and specialty topic pages.

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Healthy Living
Pills and pathologies aren't all there is when it comes to keeping healthy. Good health over the long term requires a holistic approach. eCureMe's Healthy Living section provides the information our visitors need for a fit lifestyle. It features directories packed with information on vitamins, minerals and natural medicines as well as full-length articles and blogs on diet, exercise and health trends. It's a perfect spot if your company offers products or services geared towards the billion dollar alternative health market.

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eCureMe's unique Self-Diagnosis tool is one of the site's flagship features, and one of the most popular among new visitors. The tool allows eCureMe visitors to input their symptoms, and after answering a few follow-up questions, receive suggestions on what the underlying cause might be. Practical and easy to use, so many web surfers have tried it that eCureMe is the number one ranked site for searches of the term "self-diagnosis" on

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Physician E-mail Consultations
Taking diagnosis a step further, eCureMe's E-mail Consultation feature allows visitors in search of answers to get in touch with up to three physicians. For $19.95, users can e-mail their questions to board certified physicians and receive back three separate opinions in two business days. If they're having problems with their pet, eCureMe users can also get in touch with a veterinarian through the same service.

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The site's eMedStore is a one stop online shopping destination for medical supplies and equipment. Thousands of items are on sale every day. Featured products - ranging from alcohol wipes and OR furniture to vitamins and bidets - cater to both institutional and individual customers. The site has a loyal base of customers including hospitals, clinics, private practices and individuals. If your company is looking to reach saavy medical product consumers, the eMedStore is the place to start.

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Physician Directory
eCureMe's physician directory allows site visitors to search for physicians throughout the United States. Thousands of registered healthcare providers can be searched, and information on practice and licensure provided through local medical boards.

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