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Welcome, medical contents search April 25, 2013
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more about Radiculopathy

Neuropathy, Mononeuropathy, Polyneuropathy or Polyradiculoneuropathy

  • Radiculopathy is not a specific condition, but rather a description of a problem in which one or more nerves are affected and do not work properly. The nerve or nerves may be inflamed, "pinched," lack blood flow, or may be affected by a disease that is destroying it in part or totally. This can result in pain, weakness, numbness, or difficulty controlling specific muscles.
  • The condition may affect only one nerve, causing pain to shoot along its path; or it may present as numbness in the areas normally supplied by the nerve. E.g., a Herniated Disc in the back can either pinch a nerve, or it may cause the nerve to become inflamed. This, in turn, may result in a Radiculopathy -- with pain shooting down the leg, numbness of parts of the leg, or weakness of some of the leg muscles.
  • Other conditions, however, may cause a polyradiculopathy , in which many nerves are affected. Diseases such as AIDS and Sarcoidosis, etc., can lead to this condition. The symptoms depend on which nerves, and which parts of the nerves, are affected by the disease. Thus, the term Radiculopathy refers more accurately to a symptom, or a manifestation of a disease process. It is not specifically a diagnosis. If you are told you have a Radiculopathy, then it is important to find out what disease or condition is causing the problem. The symptoms, risk factors, treatment, potential complications, and long-term outlook all depend on underlying disease.

more about Radiculopathy

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medical contents search

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