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Welcome, medical contents search May 9, 2013
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Commonly Asked Questions / Doctor’s Answers
Unidentified Leg / Scrotum Rash


For several weeks I have had a rash at the top of the inside of my left leg and extending about one inch onto the scrotum. The rash extends rearwards almost to the back of the scrotum. It seems to be restricted to the fold of skin where the scrotum and upper leg are normally in contact.

The rash is dark red to purple color. In the skin fold area there are small fissures that weep clear mucous. At either side of the main rash are small raised red spots that itch. This rash sometimes almost clears up for a day or two and then returns for about a week. At its peak the mucous is in sufficient quantity to wet and stain underclothes in contact. There are no blisters or crusting. I have no other symptoms. I am sexually active but follow recommended safe practices. I am 53 years old and somewhat overweight at 5'7" tall and 185 pounds. I can associate no change in lifestyle, diet or anything else with the onset.

eCureMe’s Advice 1

It sounds as if you may have either a "jock itch" rash or a candidiasis rash - which is yeast. Both types of rashes can be severe enough that they weep. You can try to use over-the-counter jock itch rash creams, but they are typically not strong enough to really cure the rash. You should see your family doctor or dermatologist so that they can evaluate it and get you on the appropriate medicine. Good Luck.

eCureMe’s Advice 2

Your description sounds like intertrigo, which is usually a yeast infection that develops in skin folds. It may be easier to get and difficult to get rid of when someone has diabetes. If this is in fact intertrigo there are both topical and oral medication that could clear it up. I would also have your blood sugar checked. Weight loss and keeping the area dry as much as possible would also help.

eCureMe’s Advice 3

This sounds like a fungus infection called tinea cruris or "jock rash". It is often associated with some fungus on the feet of toenails. You can try over-the-counter Lamisil cream twice per day for a month, but you must be relentless. You may also want to see a doctor for some pills, because often the creams do not penetrate deeply enough into the skin to cure the infection.

medical contents search

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