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Welcome, medical contents search May 10, 2013
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The Genesis of the Health Guru

February 14th, 2004

By Christopher Herz
The Health Guru

Once in the third grade, I was finishing up my spelling book homework while munching on a huge bowl of Count Chocula cereal. My mother had already left for work, so I had 15 minutes to eat and finish the last section. As with the end of every chapter, you were to use the spelling words to make a story.

I wrote about a balloon that floated away from a small boy’s hand and floated back through time, only to be shot down by a stray bullet from World War I. My teacher asked me to read the story for the class, which was strange, because the only time she ever called on me, was to send me to the principal’s office. When I finished reading, everyone was silent. I saw their eyes on me and I knew then the power of the written word.

My style was born out of NWA Los Angeles, matured with T.S. Eliot and Milan Kundera in San Francisco, and continues today on the sun-baked streets of Hollywood California, where freestyle rules the land.

I have worked with doctors in the health care community for the past four years. In that time, I have helped to develop easy to understand health care information that is not only informative, but entertaining, and most of all, helpful.

10 years ago, I was smoking, sniffing, and deep fat frying my way to joining the many artists who died at a young age from angst, stress and addiction. Through meditation, constant self-exploration, intense inner -physical consciousness, and unity, I believe human beings are capable of living quality lives while still indulging in the great madness of the world.

I think we can all agree that the world is a crazy place. Therefore, if you live in that world, you too must be crazy. The confusion of life must be seen as a great thing if we are to continue to work towards a common understanding of one another. This is what I wish to accomplish with my words.

Most of the world is struggling to maintain a proper nutritional balance and menial levels of existence, which means if you are reading this, you are in a much better place than most, and are in a great position to not only improve your quality of life, but the life of others as well.

Entertain and educate. Only then will they listen.


The Health Guru - Christopher Herz

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