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Welcome, medical contents search December 23, 2015
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Grapefruit Puts the Squeeze on
Low-Carb Diets

December 3, 2003

WINTER HAVEN, FL -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 04-11-2003 -- Florida Grapefruit may soon squeeze out Atkins and other low-carb diets as a safer and easier way to avoid carbohydrates. "Grapefruit contains key compounds that inhibit an enzyme in the digestive track, preventing the absorption of excess dietary fats and carbohydrates," says biochemical researcher Daryl Thompson, who initiated the grapefruit diet study with Scripps Research Clinic. "So, by eating grapefruit, you can lose weight without altering your diet at all."

Other studies at Johns Hopkins University and Chapel Hill School of Medicine also show that Florida grapefruit is key to reducing symptoms of metabolic syndrome (Syndrome X), which includes high cholesterol, insulin resistance, hypertension and obesity.

But even with the known benefits of grapefruit,many cannot tolerate the tart taste or acid indigestion; still others are avoiding the fruit because of the potential negative chemical interactions with cholesterol lowering drugs. Additionally most of the compounds needed for weight-loss, are contained in the peel -- the part usually thrown away.

These concerns along with his own weight struggles motivated Thompson to research new delivery methods making grapefruit accessible for frequent, daily consumption, which is required to reap the fruit’s health benefits.

Using an exclusive technology Thompson is able to preserve the whole grapefruit into powder form. No additives, stimulants or diuretics are added to the supplement; each capsule simply contains one whole organic grapefruit, including the peel, rind, and juice in a powder form called Citrasens.

The Florida Department of Citrus funded the Scripps study on grapefruit and its powder counterpart, Citrasens to determine their effects on weight loss. The study concluded at the end of October, with positive results showing weight loss within 30 days.

"Benefits of grapefruit have long been known but now we will have research to back it up," says Thompson. "Citrasens is the next logical step in the grapefruit evolution. We’ve had the juice and frozen concentrate versions for years; the powder form will be a convenient option for people who still have difficulty incorporating grapefruit with every meal."

Not all grapefruit supplements contain Citrasens. Currently Citrasens can be found in Grapefruit Solution (Rite-Aid/GNC), The Grapefruit Diet (GNC) and Citraplete (QVC). For more information on the grapefruit diet study and Citrasens visit,

Media Contact:
Amy Summers
Pitch, Inc.

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