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Welcome, medical contents search May 10, 2013
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Our Air···
You may not even know it, but your lungs could look like those of a lifetime smoker!

October 30, 2003

By Christopher Herz
Alternative Health Writer

Some tips on how to survive the smog and smoke in the big city.

Down here in Los Angeles California, it has looked pretty much like the Apocalypse for the past couple of days. A thick, gray blanket has covered the city as a series of wild fires ripped through southern California. Added to our normal layer of smog and pollution, the ability to breath properly over the past few days became a luxury.

Yet still, people walk, bike, smoke, jog, eat, drink coffee and walk our children down the streets of these cities everyday, without the slightest regard of the affects it is having on us.

That pink sunset may be beautiful, but it’s not our friends. Here a few things you should know and do to prevent any harmful effects from taking over your body of the industrial age.

If the air looks especially dirty outside, do not engage in any stressful activities such as exercising. If you have kids, put the Slip and Slide in the house, and teach them how to play chess. It’s better for their minds and their lungs.

The true danger of heavy smoke from fires or metropolis pollution is the microscopic particles that float inside of it. This is what you see bunched up together in the sky looking like a doomsday movie. If these particles get into an open orifice (mouth, nose, eyes, etc.) they can cause severe irritation as well as bronchitis. If you are a smoker in a big city, your risk of serious damage is significantly increased.

If you already have a serious respiratory or heart problem, these particles can inflame the effects and cause extreme pain and illness. While you may think your children are young and have perfectly pink lungs, since their respiratory system is not fully developed, they are at an even greater risk then you are. I already told you to get those kids inside!

If you wish to check the quality of air for your area, I would suggest going to your favorite search engine and typing in AQI (Air Quality Index) and the name of your city or town. This will tell you how safe the air is to breathe.

Does this sound a little too paranoid for you? Well, would you rather be paranoid or have emphysema? You should at least be aware that there is danger in the air that we breathe. It doesn’t look like we’ll be switching over to the electric car any time soon, which means the levels of harmful chemicals in the air will likely increase over the next few years.

If you think that a future in which all human walk around with gas masks on is absurd, just remember, people once thought it was unnecessary to wear a helmet when playing Ice Hockey. The world is constantly changing, which means you must constantly be aware.

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medical contents search

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