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Welcome, medical contents search April 25, 2013
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Pulled Elbow

more about Pulled Elbow

Nursemaid's elbow

  • The radius is one of bones in the forearm.  The upper end of the radius is surrounded by a ring-shaped ligament known as the annular ligament.  A pulled elbow refers to the subluxation (incomplete dislocation) of the radius with or without a partial tear of the annular ligament.

  • It occurs in individuals under 7 years of age because the annular ligament is weaker in children than it is in adults.  Most injuries occur as a result of a forceful pulling or twisting of the arm.  Children begin to cry right after the injury, and cannot move the affected forearm because of the pain.  The arm is slightly bent at the elbow, and the forearm is usually held in front of stomach with the palm facing down.  This position is characteristic for children with a pulled elbow.

  • The diagnosis is made by the patient's history and distinct posture of the affected forearm.  An X- Ray of the elbow joint is normal.

  • The dislocation is corrected by turning the forearm so that the palm is facing up.  After the correction, children usually stop crying and begin to move the forearm.  At times, there is click during the correction.

more about Pulled Elbow

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medical contents search

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