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Welcome, medical contents search April 29, 2013
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Panic Disorder

more about Panic Disorder

  • This is a psychiatric disorder in which there is unexpected onset of fear or Anxiety about having a panic attack.  The attacks lasts at least 10 minutes, and involve 4 or more of the following symptoms:
    1. A racing or pounding heart rate
    2. Sweating
    3. Trembling or tremors
    4. A feeling of having shortness of breath
    5. A tightness in the throat or a feeling of choking
    6. Chest pain, pressure or tightness over the chest area.
    7. Nausea and abdominal discomfort
    8. Derealization, depersonalization
    9. Lightheadedness, fainting or dizziness
    10. Muscle aches (trapezius muscle)
    11. Heart Burn (may lead to sinusitis and aspiration)
    12. Fear of loss of control
    13. Fear of going crazy
    14. Fear of dying
    15. Hot flashes
    16. Feeling anxious
    17. Feeling stressed
    18. Feeling depressed
    19. Numbness or tingling sensation felt under the skin

  • See above
  • Spontaneous-i.e., without apparent cause, unexpectedly, during sleep, or when one is relaxed
  • Can be associated with other conditions such as obsessive-compulsive disorder, social Anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder
  • May only occur during certain Anxiety producing situations
  • The symptoms must be present for period more than two weeks, and be accompanied by constant fear of future attacks.
  • May last for days or weeks (status panicus)

  • Panic attack is not easily diagnosed and the patient often has to go to many different doctors with a variety of symptoms before a doctor recognizes the disorder.
  • A psychiatrist and Psychologist best make diagnosis and treatment.

  • Proper management may involve both behavioral and medical therapy.

  • There may be increase risk of addiction, Depression, social and family problems, other personality disorders, heart attacks, High Blood Pressure, and Stroke in those with panic disorders.

more about Panic Disorder

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medical contents search

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