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Welcome, medical contents search April 25, 2013
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more about Lice

Pediculosis, crabs or Cooties

  • This is an infestation of tiny, parasitic insects (singular louse) that attack the skin of the scalp, trunk, and pubic areas. Lice infestation is transmitted person-to-person and via intimate objects that tend to be shared (brushes, combs, towels, hats, etc.). Lice are 3-4 mm long, making them barely visible to the naked eye. Body lice are usually found in the seams of underclothing, and generally go to the body only to feed. Hair and pubic lice are located in these areas.

  • Intense itching
  • Raw skin from scratching
  • Nits (tiny "willow buds") of lice eggs in hair

  • Head louse
  • Body louse
  • Pubic louse ("crabs")

  • From appearance of nits or lice found

  • Poor hygiene
  • Overcrowded living conditions
  • School children may pass to each other
  • Sexual transmission

  • Lindane lotion (Scabies)
  • Permethrin 1% cream
  • Petrolatum for eyelid involvement
  • Special combs with tightly meshed teeth are available for mechanical removal of lice from hair.

  • Trench fever, Relapsing Fever, and typhus are all diseases that may be transmitted by lice.

more about Lice

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medical contents search

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