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Welcome, medical contents search April 30, 2013
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more about Ganglion

  • A ganglion is a common condition characterized by a sac-like structure around the joint, filled with lubricating fluid. It is a cyst formed by the membrane that lines the cavity of the joint. The membrane is called synovium, producing a lubricating fluid within the joint.

  • Ganglion is most commonly found on the top of the wrist. In some cases, they may occur on the underside of the wrist, finger joint and ankle. Ganglion is usually detected as a painless lump on the back of the hand or wrist. Pain is caused when the sac compresses the nerve.

  • The cause is unclear, but ganglion may form after local trauma or repeated stress to the joints.

  • The diagnosis is based on a physical examination
  • An X-Ray examination may be needed to rule out other conditions

  • The initial treatment is observation, because the ganglion cyst can disappear at any moment. If the cyst increases in size or causes pain, aspiration of the ganglion fluid is recommended with a needle and syringe. Surgery is used to resect the entire cyst, but the ganglion can come back even after surgical resection.

more about Ganglion

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medical contents search

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