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Welcome, medical contents search April 29, 2013
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Essential Tremor

more about Essential Tremor

  • A tremor is an involuntary and repetitive shaking of a body part. An essential tremor is a neurological disorder characterized by tremors without a noticeable cause.

  • A tremor is the only symptom
  • The essential tremor only occurs during activity (action tremor)
  • The tremor of Parkinson's Disease can occur at any time (both action tremor and resting tremor)
  • Tremors occur most frequently in the hands. It can also affect the arms, head and voice.
  • Essential tremors rarely involve the legs or feet.
  • Tremors disappear when resting or during sleep and are aggravated with emotional stress or caffeine
  • A diagnosis is usually based solely on the patient's history, and an examination that reveal tremors upon voluntary movements.

  • It is the most common type of "shaking disorder." Symptoms may occur in the teenage or early adult years. Although the cause is not known, almost half of the cases are hereditary. Since it does not cause serious disabilities or complications, it is called a "familial" or "benign" tremor.

  • There is no definite cure. If the tremor interferes with the daily activities or it worsens under certain circumstances, medications can be helpful. Be sure to consult your physician because not all the patients benefit from such drugs.

more about Essential Tremor

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medical contents search

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