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Welcome, medical contents search April 29, 2013
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more about Bursitis

  • Bursas are sacks that provide cushioning and lubrication for joints. Bursitis occurs when these sacks become raw and inflamed. Bursas are located over bony prominences, with the most common areas of inflammation in the shoulders, elbows, and hips. A special type occurs in the popliteal area (crease area in back of knee) called a Baker's cyst, which forms a large, fluid-filled sack. Baker's cysts sometimes rupture.

  • Pain on joint movement
  • Pain onset fairly sudden

  • Overuse of a joint
  • Trauma
  • Infection
  • Arthritic conditions

  • Examination --
    1. Tenderness of bursa area
    2. Swelling over bursa area
    3. Pain on movement, but usually good range of movement
  • Imaging --
    1. X-Rays only to rule out other causes
    2. Ultrasound for a Baker's cyst, as it can mimic other conditions, such as blood clots in the leg

  • Local ice
  • Rest from activities involving the joint
  • Take anti-inflammatories
  • Corticosteroid injection if above three treatments fail
  • Ruptured Baker's cyst
    1. Rest
    2. Leg elevation
    3. Corticosteroid injection

more about Bursitis

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medical contents search

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