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Welcome, medical contents search May 9, 2013
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Bladder Stones

more about Bladder Stones


  • Stone formation in the urinary bladder is rare.  The majority of cases occur in men with Enlarged Prostate glands precipitated when the enlarged gland narrows and obstructs the bladder outlet.  The stones are precipitated when the bladder outlet is narrowed and obstructed by the enlarged prostate gland.  This may result in chronic bladder irritation and infection, which in turn may lead to bladder stones.

  • Symptoms may include: pain in the penis, frequent urination, urinary difficulty with interruption of urine flow in midstream, Blood in the Urine, and abdominal pain.

  • Certain conditions that affect bladder function may contribute to stone formation.  Some of these conditions are:
    1. Neurogenic Bladder
    2. Chronic infections
    3. Bladder diverticuli (extra pouches)
    4. Changes in urinary pH (acid base balance)
    5. Medications
    6. Body minerals

  • Most stones pass in the urine spontaneously; however, some many need to be removed by a urologic procedure using a cystoscope.
  • Lithotripsy or extra-corporeal Shock wave therapy may be used instead of direct urological removal of the stone.

more about Bladder Stones

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medical contents search

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