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Welcome, medical contents search May 10, 2013
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For most Americans who are not playing in the NBA, winning the Lottery or marrying a millionaire on FOX, our morning routine basically goes like this:

Your alarm goes off.

Jump up, hold your head, rub your eyes, and head for the coffee machine, computer and whatever other stimulant is available to get your body moving.

After a shower, quick dressing session, throwing something down your throat to eat, and finally finding your keys, you¡¯re out the door and in your car, ready to deal with the day at hand.

But are you? Is your mind ready?

We need to learn how to prepare our minds for the day. If your mind is not calm, it doesn¡¯t make a difference where your body is.

There is no need to be a guru or a Buddhist Monk to achieve this. All you need is your first ten seconds of being awake to be shown the path to a mini-version of daily Nirvana.

It all begins with simply sitting up in your bed when you first wake in the morning.

Once you sit up, the thoughts of your past night and upcoming day will begin to rush through your mind. Let them come. Creating mental blocks will no doubt leave you with even more problems. Before you jump up and run to the coffee machine or into the shower, take 10 seconds for yourself. Sit up in your bed, get yourself in a comfortable position, and close your eyes.

Your chin should be aligned with your back, and your back should be straight. This will allow your body to exist in a heightened state of awareness.

Now, close your eyes and try to envision nothing. Soon, all the thoughts of your day will begin to rush into your mind. Let them. Usually, you pause on these thoughts and create even more thoughts to deal with them. Soon, you have already blocked your thought process with unnecessary roadblocks.

Try this.

As the thoughts creep into your head, remember to keep breathing. If you acknowledge but do not grab hold of them, they will pass over you, allowing a new one to come into your mind. Do the same for that one. Soon, all of the thoughts you normally deal with will come, but instead of being blocked up with worry and anxiety, they will be moving freely around you. They now exist with you, not against you. Soon, they will become as normal as your breath, and you will deal with them that way.

Try to keep the breathing at a slow pace, with the same amount time spent on exhales as you spend with inhales. The rhythm of your breath will provide you with your point of concentration.

Imagine yourself as a smooth, rotating ball, with your thoughts flowing like a stream of water. This way, no mater what challenge is presented to you, you will allow it to flow around you instead of drowning you.

If this is your first experience with meditation, the likelihood is that you will only be able to do this for about 10 -30 seconds before your thoughts overwhelm you and you snap out of your state meditation. Don¡¯t worry about the length of time. You are only in training, you¡¯re not a master yet.

You¡¯ll be surprised to see what a difference a few moments of clarity in the morning makes. Later on in the day, when the craziness comes for you, your mind will remember how to deal with it.

medical contents search

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