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Health Topics     April 25, 2013
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THE BREAKDOWN Vanadium is an active agent in the helping the body’s metabolism, while also concentrating on bone growth, the strengthening of teeth, proper thyroid function, fertility and the production of hormones.

Most Vanadium is discarded in the feces, with only 5-10 percent actually being absorbed in the body.

While not affecting men, the lack of this mineral can hamper a woman’s ability to get pregnant. It also causes a slowing down of red blood cell productions that can cause anemia, defects in Iron breakdowns, fragile bones and teeth, and poor cartilage formation.

Natural forms of Vanadium can be found in seafood, radishes, whole grain breads, cereals, vegetables, nuts, oils and strawberries. Processed foods contain higher levels of Vanadium because it exists in the metal of the machines that make the foods. Interestingly enough, Vanadium is also an airborne mineral.

10 - 100 mcg a day should suffice.

If not taken in a natural form, Vanadium can be toxic. The effects of this range from lack of growth, damage to the liver and nervous system, kidney failure, loose stool and loss of appetite.

High levels of Protein, Chloride, Aluminum, Vitamin C and Iron are thought to prevent Vanadium from being absorbed in the body.

Vanadium is thought to have the same effects as insulin on the human body. In small doses, it has been known to stem the effects of diabetes.

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