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Health Topics     April 25, 2013
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Vaginal Infections


  • Cause: Trichomonas vaginitis (protozoan)
  • Signs & Symptoms:
    1. Inflammation of vagina, producing burning and itching.
    2. Frothy yellow-white or yellowish-brown vaginal discharge.

  • Objectives of Treatment:
    1. To remove exudate, relieve inflammation, restore acidity, and re-establish normal bacterial flora.
    2. Vinegar douche (2 Tbsp in 1 quart of water).
    3. For recurrence, repeat treatment and include sexual partner.

    Monilial infection

  • Cause: Candida albicans (fungus)
  • Signs & Symptoms:
    1. Inflammation of vagina producing itching & reddish irritation.
    2. White cheeselike discharge clinging to epithelium.

  • Objectives of Treatment:
    1. To eradicate the fungus: Local applications of gentian violet.
    2. To relieve other causative factors: Stop antibiotic therapy; determine if diabetes or other systemic disease is present. Infection of Bartholin's gland

  • Cause: Escherichia coli, Trichomonas vaginitis Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, Gonococcus
  • Signs & Symptoms: 1. Redness around Bartholin's gland.
    2. Swelling and edema.
    3. Development of Bartholin's abscess.

  • Objectives of treatment: 1. To drain the abscess or cause it to dissipate.

    Cervicitis - acute and chronic

  • Cause: Gonorrhea, Streptococcus, Many pathogenic bacteria
  • Signs & Symptoms: 1. Profuse purulent vaginal discharge.
    2. Backache.
    3. Urinary frequency and urgency.

  • Objectives of Treatment:
    1. To determine the cause: Cytologic examination of cervical smear.
    2. To eradicate the gonococcus: Use well done fever treatments.
    Postmenopausal vaginitis (atrophic vaginitis)

  • Cause : Lack of estrin effects
  • Signs & Symptoms:
    1. Loss of redness, tissue folds, and epithelial covering of the vagina.
    2. Itching and burning.

  • Objectives of Treatment:
    1. Perineal pour 4-6 times daily.
    2. Vitamin E oil capsule inserted each night high in vagina.

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