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Health Topics     May 10, 2013
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Animal Disease and Human Health Risk

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Futuristic Animal Insights

About one hundred years ago an amazing warning was written concerning the dangers of eating dairy products. Ellen White went on record with this admonition: "If milk is used, it should be thoroughly sterilized. With this precaution, there is less danger of contracting disease from its use."139 How do you thoroughly sterilize milk? It is simply old-fashioned boiling.

She further explains: "Let . . . diet reform be progressive. Let the people be taught how to prepare food without the use of milk or butter." 140 The scientific data presented in this chapter has proven that this prediction was correct.

Now Is Decision Time

Most of us put off any decision about changing our lifestyle until we are forced to. However, when it comes to dietary changes, often those "must change" situations come too late. Changes in diet will not help much if you are diagnosed with Creutzfeldt Jakob disease. When Salmonella, Listeria, Campylobacter, or another food-borne acute infection strikes, you could be one of the "unlucky ones" and not live to choose a better diet. Even survivors can develop irreversible physical problems that no nutritional program can resolve.

The documented information in this chapter calls for a decision. The decision time is now. In light of the evidence of the numerous and serious diseases in animals, choosing the safest diet is certainly reasonable. It makes sense. Focus not on what you are giving up, but rather on the wide variety of fruits, grains, nuts and vegetables that can be heartily enjoyed on this optimal diet.

The above article is presented here courtesy of Dr. Neil Nedley, M.D., excerpted from his "Proof Positive" CD (Copyright 1998, 1999, 2000 by Neil Nedley, M.D. All Rights Reserved.) Any duplication or distribution of the information contained herein is strictly prohibited without consent of the author. For more information or to order "Proof Positive", contact Neil Nedley, M.D., 1010 14th St. N.W. Ardmore, OK 73401 (580-226-8007).

139 White EG. Counsels on Diet and Foods. Hagerstown, MD: Review and Herald Publishing Association, 1976 p. 357. (italics supplied)

140 White EG. Counsels on Diet and Foods. Hagerstown, MD: Review and Herald Publishing Association, 1976 p. 349.

Notice of Credit
The article above is compliments of the Uchee Pines Institute, Seale, Alabama, a teaching and treatment facility devoted to natural remedies. For mor information, call 334-855-4781,e-mail:, or visit their Website:

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