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Welcome, medical contents search May 9, 2013
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Commonly Asked Questions / Doctors' Answers
Scalp Numbness (Internal Medicine)


I have recently over the past six months started feeling a numbness/tingling sensation on the top of my head. It happens a few times a week. It lasts for a little less than a minute. I am healthy and have no other health problems. I don't take medication, do drugs, or even consume caffeine. Could it be something serious or something small I shouldn't obsess about? I am really worried. Please help

eCureMe's Advice 1

Your question raises many other questions. What brings it on? What makes it better? Do you have any history of trauma? How old are you? Male/female? Bald? Or do you have hair? Do you have any recent viral illnesses preceding this? Do you have any rash or skin condition on top of your head? It sounds like something small and you shouldn't obsess about this but then you state that you are really worried. The best advice is to go see your doctor for piece of mind. Good luck

eCureMe's Advice 2

Most likely you're dealing with a benign nuisance. The nerve that supplies sensation to the top of the head emanates around your second cervical spine, in the upper part of your neck. With no other associated symptoms (headache, persistent numbness, visual changes), it is unlikely to be due to something more worrisome. A simple X-ray of your cervical spine might show degenerative joint disease or arthritis, which might help explain the numbness. If you do notice worrisome symptoms or if you need further clarification, don't hesitate to ask your doctor. Good luck.

eCureMe's Advice 3

Given the fact that this has been going on for six months without progressively getting worse, and is of short duration, you do not need to worry that this represents a problem. Regardless, a routine physical exam for your peace of mind is reasonable. Good luck

medical contents search

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