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Welcome, medical contents search May 10, 2013
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The Shards of Madness!!!!

June 13th, 2005

By Sal Roche

When we are young, we try many things or experiment with substances. Even the president and his daughters have admitted to such, so please hold your letters for now. We must deal with the truth in order to solve the problem.

For the most part, these experiments are usually only a "One Time Thing," because, once you’ve had too many nights of sitting around a toilet bowl giving back, you pretty much learn how to control yourself.

It is currently estimated that around 5 percent of all American High School students have at one time in their lives used Crystal Meth. This form of speed, which is not ground up into a fine white power but exists in tiny shard like pieces of glass-like flakes, can have devastating long lasting effects to the central nervous system, the decision making part of your brain.

Whether it is smoked, snorted or injected, the high or effects from the high can last around 12 hours, nearly 3 times as long as tradition lower grade forms of speed or old school "Uppers."

A number of heart related diseases are related to the use of Crystal Meth, including heart attacks and strokes. The strokes, while sometimes fatal, often leave the victims with only half of an operating face or the inability to speak.

To go along with the physical side effects, ones social actions begin to change. Increased feelings of irritability, insomnia, the need to repeat the same story more than one time in one sitting all set in. Extreme paranoia may also arise, which can cause a social reclusiveness that is extremely damaging to your growth and maturity levels.

So why take it?

Students and those who feel a tremendous amount of pressure to get everything done in a short period of time will often to turn to Crystal Meth as a possible answer, but it often times leaves jobs half done because your brain thinks you are able to do things quicker than you actually are. While your nerves are moving faster, your body is just shaking.

Often times you will see people grinding their teeth or constantly licking their gums when they are high of Crystal. The reason for this is that some of the base chemicals of meth actually reduce the amount of saliva in your mouth. Your teeth and tongue are actually searching for bits of water to quench itself.

After a prolonged period of this, your gums will develop severe bacteria infections and your teeth will yellow, turn brittle then quickly start to rot. Sounds like a fair trade for an All Nighter, doesn’t it?

The buzzing sound many Meth addicts feel is actually the speeding up of Neurons in their brain.

Although its exact origins are unknown, it is believed the Nazi’s used Crystal Meth during World War II. Hitler wanted to create a race of Ubermen or "Supermen." Giving them large doses of speed before a battle was thought to give super human powers and strength without needing food or much rest.

They were also made to be emotionally unaffected by the madness that was happening around them. Several first hand accounts have also said that most of Hitler’s speeches where given after large quantities of Crystal Meth were administered.

And now? Now it’s a party drug.

Malnutrition and a complete shutdown of the immune system often times leaves those using Meth to lose an extreme amount of weight, so if you notice anyone close to you going through a phase like this, it might be time to have a talk.

Speed does nothing but slow you down in the long run, no matter what many of the current magazines targeted at the youth culture think. There is nobody who has survived fits with speed that can honestly look back and say, "Yeah, Crystal really helped me in life."

Rehab centers and AA programs are a great, free and anonymous place to go to if you or someone close to you needs help.

Stay aware.

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