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Welcome, medical contents search May 10, 2013
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Organic Living

May 12th, 2005

By Stal Herz

By Stal Herz In the health conscious eye of the American public, there seems to be something wrong with all of the Non Fat, sugar substitute food that is saturating the marketing in an attempt to loose weight and slim down. Because of the new studies coming out every week by the FDA and EPA showing that the inside of your body is decaying despite the slimming of your exterior, there seems to be a move towards a more natural form of living.

It is a move to a more Organic way of living, and the wave of this new fad has come is crashing on the shores of consumers in the forms of Organic foods.

This seems to be the new catchword in every supermarket or restaurant. There is a realization that the more chemicals and processed food that you put into your body, the more damage you’re doing. Health concerns abound from the toxins that you are putting in your body, which can damage everything form your nervous system to your immune system.

The pesticides and preservatives that exist in most foods you consume - particularly foods that do not exit your body and stay within your bloodstream, can cause damage beyond the battle of the bulge you’re fighting.

Adam Wilson's Organic Coffee

Some studies have also shown that breast cancer has been linked to pesticides and toxins used to produce what on the outside would look like the perfect crop. It’s not just plants and coffee beans that are the culprits of it all, but also the livestock. Those Chicken Breasts from KFC don’t taste strange for no reason.

The over use of pesticides have been known to effect the nervous system as well as weaken the immune system, which is why there is an increased exposure to allergies in the spring time. The pollen and other items that stimulate your allergic reactions can get through easier because your system because the pesticides have actually broken you down.

With a rival of awareness for the vanishing well being of the environment, an awakened concerned for human health as well as huge cash cow in the new profits in producing organic foods, people may realize that a few sports on your apple is worth keeping chemical from entering your body. Nature rarely grows in perfection. IN fact, it is in its imperfection that it has the most beauty. Perhaps if we start eating organically, our lifestyle will reflect that as well.

Children are more likely to suffer from the effects of pesticides because of their body weight, which is why so many children’s foods are made from organic material that contains no preservatives. One can only assume that taking care of a child is easier than taking care of ourselves, because when adults have the choice, they don’t really care if it’s organic - only if it’s healthy. Well, it seems that what appears to be healthy on the outside is extremely unhealthy on the since.,

When eating organic food, you are digesting ant i- oxidants, which help to strengthen your immune system and help in the fight against seasonal infections and terminal diseases.

What is disturbing is that many of the people check to see if the pesticides or herbicides have met with an EPA approval, but the fact is that that those approaches were reached when it was though they were benefiting farmers whose crops were being destroyed by insects and grazing animals. Now that the long term effects have been proven to cause cancers, many of those early approval ratings are no longer valid.

The Newest player in the game is coffee, as it is a huge crop with tons of pesticides and chemicals sprayed on it so that larger crops can be stored over longer periods of time. It is why so many of the larger coffee chains brews taste a little unnatural. That’s because those beans are covered in chemicals that might be doing more than just waking you up.

Smaller coffee roasters have the opportunity to grow organically because their crop is small in relative size to the major coffee corporations - giving more care and details are put into growing a more natural product.

Perhaps this return to organic living will put the power of health back into the hands of the people. In fact, it has always been there, although now it might be a bit more accessible.

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