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Welcome, medical contents search May 10, 2013
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Finding a Center with Bi Polar Disorders

April 25th, 2005

By Stal Herz

A constant flow of positive in negative in life is to be expected and embraced, but for millions of people, the swing of emotions is an everyday nightmare that never stops. While there are times when we go from extreme to extreme, it is usually something that doesn’t last too long and can be dealt with in a swift and timely manner.

For some people however, it is nightmare that leaves them in the middle of a state of panic with the inability to calm down of find a center - All they can do is fall into a deep state of depression. There is no middle ground. Bi Polar disorder deals the agonizing swings of states between extreme depression and manic energy boosts in which it is impossible to sit still and relax.

While there is no known cure all treatment, it is generally believed that finding this disorder early makes it all the easier to treat.

The most common form of treatment is severe amounts of medication, which will usually leave you with side effects, but can calm you down enough to deal with everyday life. However, just adding medication to Bi Polar disease is not really treating it; it is only subduing it.

An important thing to realize when treating this disorder is that the patient who is experiencing Bi Polar disorder may not be the judge of how they are feeling and reporting it to the doctors because they may be in the middle of switching from one extreme to the other.

Therefore, if you feel as if you may be swinging from one extreme to the other, keeping a journal of your emotions for a month and then bringing that to your doctor may help them in prescribing medication and arranging treatments for you. This can give them a first hand account of what is happening, which allows for them to recognize patterns in each individual.

It is also important that when someone is changing between the two opposite poles that they are kept in a stable condition. It is here that they are the most normal, and it is that time when there lives need to be stabilized.

This is there middle ground.

Natural centering techniques such mediation and yoga are outstanding ways to bring one to the center. It is very important that the basic necessities of life are brought about to give the individual something to hold onto - Breathing, drinking water and exercise.

Knowing that there is a center is often times the best starting point to recovery, and is a distraction from the constant cycles of medications that one must go through.

Some of the most distressing news about Bi Polar disorder, as it is with many uncontrollable conditions, is the enormously expensive to treat, so if you are looking to spend that type of money, you should invest in psychiatric help as well. One without the other is useless.

Often times, there is something that triggers an episode of Bi Polar disorder that is hidden within the mind, usually stemming from a childhood incident, such as molestation or an early death of a loved one, that causes the mind to shift from one extreme to the other in order to keep from dealing with reality.

Once this event is realized, the treatment and road to recovery is easier to treat both mentally and with medication.

In the early days of treating Bi Polar disorder, then known commonly as manic depression, shock treatment was used to literally JOLT the patient out of their state of constant mood swings. Because of the severity of the practice, it was thought to be barbaric and replaced with Lithium, which is less painful but can leave you with an even emptier feeling afterwards than shock treatment.

Acupuncturists have long contended that a simple redirection of blood and nerves within the body can even things out just a bit, so if you want to try something without any side effects other than time spent, it might be a goof idea to check out your local acupuncturists.

Now, if you still are thinking about medications, you should really do your homework on what works best for you, as well as how they will combine with other medications you are taking. The most common drugs prescribed for Bi Polar disorder are Topamax for extreme manic conditions and Lithium as an anti-depressant, along with Paxil and Prozac, but the effects of these drugs seem to fade very quickly, and are easy to become used to.

Lithium brings about the best success when it comes to controlling mania, but can induce mild depressive states, which requires even more medication to balance that out. This brings you into a cycle of controlling your extreme behavior, but it also runs the risk of creating a major dependency, as well as bad headaches and shakes.

Whatever the treatment options that you choose, the patient should not have to go through them alone. It is important that family members and loved ones help to bring the person back into the world with a stabilizing show of unity.

Sometimes, just knowing there is a middle ground is enough.

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