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Welcome, medical contents search May 10, 2013
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Taking a Ride Through the Neuron Expressway in your Body.
Don’t "Fall" off in these dangerous months of a highly contagious season.

October 22nd, 2004

By Sal Roach

Quick, what’s a Neuron?

Forgot? You know what a Jack and Coke is? A sack of herb? Valium? Cigarettes? Cocaine? Well, all of those things that you put into your body, however you put them in, are filled with chemicals that are fed directly into the Central Nervous System (CNS).

The Neuron

Here, a heavy concentration of Neurons, which are the primary filters of thoughts and movements sent throughout your body, receive information that determines how you feel, think and move. Isn’t it sad you know more about your favorite sports team than your own mind?

Your body is constantly attempting to find a state of homeostasis, which is a complete balance between what you take in and what you toss out. Yes, your body is constantly looking for balance, and the Neurotransmitter is the scale that keeps the peace.

When you stimulate or affect the speed or cargo of one of these neurotransmitters, you alter brain function. Every drug is classified or designed to affect this system that is trying to keep the peace in your body.

For children who are experimenting with narcotics or who are being given medications from their parents, this is an extremely dangerous endeavor, as alerting the CNS at such an early age can have devastating effects down the road.

When you take any type of depressant, such as marijuana, sleeping pills or alcohol, what you are doing is calming down the nerve tissue around the CNS and not allowing messages from Neurotransmitters to get through to your brain. This is the reason that you can think for so long on one subject when you are sedated.

In the opposite way, stimulants excite the nerve tissue, allowing a large amount of neurons to attack the CNS, causing a heightened state of awareness. For this reason you cannot concentrate and are erratic if you have even done speed or cocaine, and to a lesser extent, cigarettes or coffee.

All four attack the CNS in the same way.

One of the most prevalent Neurotransmitters in the body is Serotonin. These transmitters are thought to produce pleasure, pain, sadness, euphoria and wide range of other emotions. Drugs such as ecstasy and Acid increase these levels, giving off a false feeling of Euphoria. Later in life, the off balance levels of Serotonin increases the risk of Parkinson’s disease.

Understanding why it is you are feeling a certain way will help you control what you are taking.

You don’t really need to be a medical professional to understand that altering the chemicals that help maintain a healthy balance in your brain is not really a good idea.

Ever taken a balloon full of nitrous oxide? That feeling you get, the buzzing and semi hallucinogenic that comes on, the laughter - All of that is in increased level of Dopamine that is being released by neurotransmitters over flowing in your brain.

That means self inflicted brain damage.

Understanding your mind will help you have a healthier thought process, which is needed these days more than even.

Whatever you put into your body, at some point, goes to your brain. Your Intake of today is your fuel for tomorrow.

Think Clear.

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