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Welcome, medical contents search May 10, 2013
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CANCER:It’s Up To You to Start the Fight
Self-Test Help for Breast and Testicular Cancer.

August 16th, 2004

By Claudia Lopez : eCureMe Staff Reporter

While most health care products these days consist of items to help you loose weight and look great, Breast and Testicular Cancer continue to take the lives of thousands of people each year.

In many cases, if the Cancer had been caught in the early stages, it might have been easier to treat.

We suggest that you make examinations a ritualistic part of your life. For women, it is extremely import to check your breast each month.

What many women might not know is that the worst time to perform a self-test is during their menstrual cycle. Before beginning a self examination, you should feel what your breasts feel are like at different stages of the month, as the shape and consistency changes dramatically over these times.

While in front of a mirror, place your hands over your head and put them together. This should create a triangle over your head. Examine your breasts and check to see if the color, size, and pigmentation for each breast are consistent with the other.

Place your hands on your hips and apply pressure. See the shape of your breasts this way. Check to see if there are any bumps in the skin.

Now, raise one arm above your head. With your free hand, start rubbing in small circular motions around the breast and work inward towards the nipple. You are checking for non-moving lumps underneath the skin.

Next, check under your armpit to see if there are any non-moving masses there. Repeat the action with your other arm. Remember, you are checking for abnormalities from your normal state.

Next, lie down facing up and repeat the same steps.

After your complete the circling, you should squeeze your nipple to see if there is any blood or yellow discharge coming out.

Although doing self breast examinations greatly reduce your doctor visits, a visit to the doctor ever year greatly reduces the risks of letting cancer get into severe and untreatable stages.

For Men, the equivalent to a breast exam is a self Testicular Cancer Test.

Take one testicle and hold it between you thumb and forefinger and check for lumps, bumps and skin irritations by rolling it slowly. If one testicle is larger than the other, it is not a case for concern. This is actually quite normal. The skin should be smooth. If you feel hard and dry areas of skin, it would be a good idea to contact your doctor immediately.

There is nobody in the world who knows your body like you do, so it is up to you to be the first line of defense against Cancer.

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medical contents search

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