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Health Topics     April 25, 2013
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eCureMe’s Healthy Living

  • Provides excellent Night time Vision
  • Maintains Muscles
  • Stimulates growth
  • Keeps hair and skin healthy

Vitamin A acts as a stimulant in the body, allowing for proper growth functions of the hair, bones, tissues and even the teeth.

Lack of Vitamin A can cause nighttime blindness, problems with your eyes, and skin lesions.

Natural Forms
Natural sources of Vitamin A include green vegetables, yellow and red fruits. The highest concentration of Vitamin A can be found in carrots.

  • Children (9-13 years of age): 400 mcg or 1333 IU
  • Men (14 years of age and over): 900 mcg or 3000 IU
  • Women (14 years of age and over): 700 mcg or 2330 IU
  • Pregnancy (14-18 years of age): 750 mcg or 2500 IU
    (19 years of age and over): 770 mcg or 2565 IU
  • Lactation (14-18 years of age): 1200 mcg or 4000 IU
    (19 years of age and over): 1300 mcg or 4335 IU

Taking too much Vitamin A can limit your bones ability to heal when broken and can actually make them more fragile.

Women who are breastfeeding are usually given Vitamin A supplements to maintain strength in their bones during their "Milking Periods."

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