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Welcome, medical contents search September 23, 2014
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Inguinal Hernia

more about Inguinal Hernia


  • In the inguinal (groin) area there is a natural weakness in the wall of the lower abdomen.  When a piece of intestine pushes through this muscle defect into the inguinal canal, it is called a hernia.
  • It occurs more frequently in men.
  • Most are unilateral -- more common in the right side.

  • Bulge in groin; it becomes larger on standing.
  • Pain
  • Incarceration (unnatural confinement) of hernia:
    1. Vomiting
    2. Scant stool
    3. Black stool
    4. Irritability
    5. Abdominal distension

  • Often unknown
  • Lifting
  • Straining

  • Made on examination by a physician

  • Surgical repair of the hernia should be performed as soon as possible.
  • Stool softeners are sometimes prescribed prior to surgery to help prevent incarceration.
  • Incarcerated hernia:
  • Manual reduction under sedation and if successful, surgical repair within 1-2 days; however the timing of surgical repair must depend on the individual case.  Sometimes the repair must be done very soon, or immediately.
  • Immediate surgery if manual reduction is not possible

  • Incarceration -- the hernia may become trapped and its blood supply cut off.  This can cause rupture of this portion of the bowel, leading to severe illness and death.

more about Inguinal Hernia

medical contents search

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