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Welcome, medical contents search April 26, 2013
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Food Allergy

more about Food Allergy

  • An inability to tolerate a specific food
  • 1-3% of the population is believed to be afflicted
  • Also linked to other allergies and Asthma
  • Allergies to milk products (lactose) is more common in Asian, Latino and Native populations

  • Can cause rashes, stomach cramps, Diarrhea, nausea, Constipation
  • Children can miss a lot of school, and in severe cases lose weight and fail to grow normally.
  • Symptoms are shown to improve when the specific foods are avoided.

  • Common foods include: milk, egg, soy, chocolate, fish, nuts, egg-whites, nuts
  • Symptoms either occur after the suspected food is eaten, or they disappear when it is avoided.
  • Rarely, some allergies can be confirmed with skin testing or blood tests.

  • Avoid offending foods
  • Tolerance to offending foods usually improves without treatment as the child ages, and may disappear in 80% by age 6.
  • Severe allergies may require an emergency room evaluation and treatment, as they can simulate more serious conditions.
  • Lactase (an enzyme) can be used for milk intolerance to help digestion.

  • The worst complication is that it can hide a more serious intestinal or hormonal abnormality.

  • Avoidance of offending foods

more about Food Allergy

medical contents search

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