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Welcome, medical contents search April 25, 2013
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Colon Polyp

more about Colon Polyp

Polyp, juvenile polyp or retention polyp, intestinal polyp

  • A small lump or nubbin of tissue that grows inward, from the bowel wall, into the intestinal tract.  A large polyp sometimes blocks the food from passing down the intestinal tract.

  • The commonest symptom is bloody stool (bowel movement).  This is bright red in appearance and painless in most cases.
  • The usual age for this symptom to appear is between the ages of 3-5 years.

  • Unknown
  • It may be caused by defective fetal tissue, when that tissue is forming the intestinal tract.

  • History of bright red blood in the stool
  • Examination of the colon (large intestine) with a rectal instrument, called a sigmoidoscope, is usually successful in diagnosing this.

  • Inherited condition (genetic)

  • Removal of the polyp by passing a small grasping instrument through the sigmoidoscope

  • The colon polyp may later be associated with cancer of the colon, when the child becomes an adult.

  • See your physician for any rectal bleeding.

  • Tumors in the colon (rarely occurs)

more about Colon Polyp

medical contents search

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