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Welcome, medical contents search May 9, 2013
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Commonly Asked Questions / Doctors' Answers
Unusual Exhaustion After Exercise (Cardiology)


I am 63 years old, weigh 215 lbs, am 6' 3" and in pretty good walking shape. I have been walking 3.5 miles about 3 to 4 times a week for years in an attempt to fight father time. My weight has been going up lately, so Ive increased walking distance and time myself to keep a brisk pace. I now do 5.3 miles in 90 minutes.

I feel no symptoms while walking, and some of it is up hill. I feel good when I get through. However, sometimes about two hours later I feel exhausted. I have assumed that if I had coronary artery blockage I would have symptoms while walking rather than after two hours later at the desk. What do you say? I have no insurance and am not anxious to unnecessarily get involved with over-testing at high costs. What do you think? Is there a simple test I could do to avoid a visit to tell me the heart is probably not the problem, just a little overexertion.

eCureMe's Advice 1

Unfortunately there is no simple or cheap test to assess the status of your heart. It probably is just a little overexertion like you think it is. Since it is a new program, I think your explanation is rational. However, I feel there is a bigger issue, which I feel compelled to address, and that is your lack of health insurance.

My question to you is: are you crazy, cheap or both? Unless you're so wealthy that you can self-insure, I suggest you get health insurance now. You seem to be familiar with the concept of father time and as the expression goes, "time waits for no one." Your health will not get any better but only get worse with "father time." Im not being pessimistic but am dealing with reality. Keep up the exercise program and good luck.

eCureMe's Advice 2

You did not mention any other risk factors. If you have no other risk factors (high blood pressure, diabetes, smoking history, high cholesterol) and the fatigue is not of an unreasonable duration, this is likely not coronary artery disease, but simple fatigue after exercise. The cheapest test you could do is an EKG. If you feel that you do not have any coronary risk factors, then this probably does not need further workup. But any hint of chest pressure, shortness of breath, or palpitations should send you to the emergency room. Good luck.

eCureMe's Advice 3

No one can say 100%, but in general this does not sound like coronary disease and I don't recommend a full-scale workup. You did not, however, include any other medical problems you may or may not have which could shade this conclusion, but as presented, you are probably okay.

medical contents search

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